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Many of our customers wish to not only have their own logo laser etched to our clusters, which we provide free of charge, we also can provide the shells in custom painted colours.

The colours we provide are referred to as RAL (not Pantone etc).

We're pleased to be able to offer the following colours


( Note - not all colours are available from stock. There is a set up fee for non standard painted parts)

V5XD - the eight node Xeon Cluster nears completion

The success of the V4n has been quite amazing, and the numbers sold have been quite a shock.  Thank you to all of our customers who purchased the V4n, in it's various colours / branding and configurations.It's with continued excitement that we now announce the V5XD.The new V5XD has very similar dimensions as the tiny [...]

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Order of V4n units completed for Intel (US) in record time

Cluster Engineering are pleased to announce the recent effort to create a large number of V4n units for Intel, to support their marketing activities.  The units, which are standard V4ns with custom laser etching were delivered ahead of schedule to Oregon.  Not only thanks are due to the special efforts of the manufacturing department, but [...]

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Brand your V4n your way

The V4n micro cluster is a real eye catcher, so why not add your own logo, free of charge?

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The V4n can be connected anywhere (3G/4G)

:: NEWS ::The already well connected V4n Cluster Server, and the fully configured Orange Box V4 are now equipped with a new USB port to the rear panel.  This port is internally connected to the USB port on the MikroTik cloud series switch.  This enables the unit to connect for simple set up / training [...]

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The new cluster server - coming soon...

** NEWS **After many months in development, the new series of micro clusters (we call them V4n) will be released on 2nd November 2015.Why V4n ?Master node + 10 slavesLatest Intel Broadwell i5 vPro CPUsEach node supports both M.2 Storage + 2.5" SSDEach node supports 2x NIC (1x via USB)Up to 32GB DDR3 RAM per [...]

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Cluster Engineering

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